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Relying on the ephemeral nature of social media for mission-critical content is counterproductive. Well-crafted content needs a unique home on the Web.

Beautiful websites begin with content.

It's frustrating to realize that you've spent thousands on a company website so hip and bleeding-edge that it either doesn't work or is so complicated that you struggle to complete the most basic content tasks. Paying someone to fix it is equally painful. There's a legitimate fear that you'll be lured in by another unscrupulous developer who will take advantage of your lack of tech savvy. The end result: You neglect your website and turn to Facebook or Instagram — and then wonder why no one's listening.

Sharecropping on social media is a highly dubious alternative to a clear content strategy. So much time, money and effort is wasted fumbling with metrics, statistics and bad social media marketing advice. I built a business fixing these kinds of content problems for clients. Good content design is a solution to real-world business problems. My content-first approach means I design and develop web themes tailored to fit your specific business, content and user needs.

Websites are really just tools for communication, a fact that often gets lost beneath layers of pretty pictures and parallaxed gimmicks. Your website should help you earn a living rather than hinder your daily process.

Web Services

I build beautifully modern, mobile-ready websites designed to fit your content and user needs first. Responsive design, performance and usability are built-in.

  • Web Audit & Review

    I review your existing website structure and management process to identify productivity blocks and content pain points.

  • Bespoke Theme Development

    I develop lightweight and performant custom themes for WordPress, Grav, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCartel and Gumroad.

  • Front-End Code

    I write lean, efficient, semantic HTML5 with CSS3. I can work with PHP, JavaScript, Liquid, Twig templating and markdown.

  • Content Design

    I help you articulate your brand expression through informed, strategic design tailored to meet your needs.

  • Web Hosting

    I can recommend a fully-managed solution or help you set up your own hosting, domains and email accounts.

  • Content Delivery Network

    I can help you set up an affordable CDN to ensure your content is delivered blazingly fast.