Professional ServicesCreative Strategy

Sometimes all you need is a steady, experienced hand to help guide your broad creative vision towards concrete goals and achievable results.

Great content begins with a clear purpose.

Every project I do begins with preparing a solid creative strategy, and this phase is often the most time-consuming of any major project. It's crucial to take enough time to ask the right questions about content, goals and user needs before any discussion of web design or multimedia production begins. Content defines the brand as much as the brand informs the content tone and design.

Nothing should be published randomly. The best strategy for tackling a content overhaul is to begin with a content inventory and find an approach that's maintainable for everyone involved. Just think of me as your silent creative partner — I not only create content, I have the experience to help you learn how to manage it and make it better so that you can save time, money and resources.

Getting big creative things done on modest budgets requires skillful planning, a solid strategy and an experienced content professional as enthusiastic about sharing your story with the world as you are.

The DIO Approach

Rather than D-I-Y, I advocate the D-I-O approach: do-it-ourselves. I'm here when you need me, and I get out of the way when you've got this whole thing covered.

  • Production Planning

    I advise on best practices, workflows, scheduling, logistics and project documentation.

  • Production Research

    I conduct contextual research for products, content, competitors and locations.