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Dispute Resolution

Should you have a problem with any content published on my website, please contact me at so we can attempt to peacefully resolve any issues between us. If we're unable to resolve the matter privately, you have the right to report a problem or file a complaint with an approved dispute resolution body via the EU online dispute resolution platform at

Third-Party Content Disclaimer

Although I check the content of URLs to which I intentionally link, I am not liable for any content published on external websites.

Privacy Policy

What is the European GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation or "GDPR" [(EU) 2016/679] is a directly binding and applicable regulation in EU law which standardizes data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It imposes strict regulations for organisations who process, gather, store, monitor, exchange or export personally identifiable information (PII) both inside and outside of the EEA. The GDPR was adopted on 14 April 2016 and became enforceable on 25 May 2018.

The GDPR applies not only to any organisation established within the EEA, but also to organisations located outside of the EEA who provide services to or monitor behavior of EEA individuals, regardless of the individual's citizenship. Organisations found in violation of provisions of the GDPR may be subject to severe fines and penalties.

Examples of common online personal data collection points are: user registration information, newsletter subscriptions, payment information, website cookies and various forms of personal data collection used by social media providers to track and monitor user activity across devices, platforms and the Internet.

(Read this collection of posts by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to learn how you're tracked online:

Among some of the important rights granted to individuals under the GDPR are: 1.) the right to access, review and correct any stored or collected personal data, and 2.) the right to request immediate and complete removal of personal data from a platform if retention or processing of the personal data is no longer necessary or required by law.

For more information on the EU General Data Protection Regulation, please review the official EU documentation at

The GDPR requires organisations to fully disclose how and for what purpose any personal data is collected, including any third-party vendor which interacts with or receives partial personal information.

For the record: I do not collect or store any personal information through my website. I do not use social media plugins, Google Analytics, cookies, beacons, Facebook pixels or any other technology to surreptitiously track or store your personal data. Clicking on links to my social media profiles may leak your personal data if you are logged into these social networks during your current browser session. Please review the respective social network privacy policies to learn how they may gather, store and track your personal data across devices and platforms.

Image Use & Licensing

Licensing Options for Commercial or Editorial Use

Images featured on my personal website or social media channels have been optimized and highly compressed for screen display and aren't suitable for high-resolution commercial or editorial print use. If you'd like to use an image in your printed editorial or commercial work, please contact me at for information on how to purchase a commercial license for high-resolution versions.

Image Removal Requests

Although reasonable effort is made to ensure that personal privacy rights are respected, it's not always possible or feasible to obtain individual permission — particularly at large public outdoor events. If you see yourself featured in an image and wish to have the image removed or any personally identifying features blurred, please contact me at