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General Terms of Service

Getting big creative things done on modest budgets requires skillful planning, a solid content strategy and an experienced content professional as enthusiastic about sharing your story with the world as you are. However, I do work a little differently than most agencies. Here are a few basic things you need to know about working with me:

  • I do not pitch, provide free "spec" work or offer free consultations.
  • I don't provide cold quotes or proposals without first being thoroughly briefed on a project.
  • I require written client agreements for all work that I do.
  • I require a minimum payment deposit of 50% of your estimated project cost before any work begins.
  • I do not conduct business via telephone, chat or social media. I require that all work requests and change orders be made in writing via email in order to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings.

The Client Brief

Every project I do begins with preparing a solid creative strategy, and this phase is often the most time-consuming of any major project. It's crucial to take enough time to ask the right questions about content, goals and user needs before any discussion of copywriting, web design or multimedia production begins.

I actively screen my clients. Here's why: I prefer to work with clients who are mature, responsible and accountable for their decisions. The client briefing is an important process which helps me clearly understand your needs so that we can work together more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Consultations & Pitching

It's my personal philosophy that free project pitches, spec work "samples" and unpaid consultations are highly detrimental to experienced creative professionals. I require payment for consultations to assure me that potential clients are serious, ethical, credible and accountable.

Quotes & Proposals

The scale, scope and complexity of your project determines the cost. Project quotes and initial proposals are non-binding and valid for 30 days upon delivery.

Rates, Fees & Payments

Time is money, particularly when the work output is an intangible creative or digital product requiring time, energy and creativity which cannot be undone should a project fail to complete. Creative output deserves fair and timely compensation. For this reason, I do not begin any work without a minimum deposit of 50% of your estimated project cost. If your budget is limited, I can arrange a payment schedule for you.

I happily volunteer my services pro bono to qualified non-profit organisations. Pro bono projects receive the same quality, care and attention as paid projects and are slotted into the regular project queue.

Contracts, Licensing & Deliverables

I require written agreements for all work that I do. No work will begin on your project until we have completed a written service contract and you've committed to a payment schedule. Your detailed fee schedule, licensing and deliverables information is provided with your written Client Agreement.

Projects are delivered to you according to your needs. Websites are uploaded to a secure staging server where you can preview live functionality. Digital products are delivered via secure cloud service or FTP. Physical copies may be requested for an additional materials and delivery fee.

Brand Partners

I enjoy collaborating with other experienced creative professionals and brand partners. If you have an interesting partnership idea, please contact me at Serious enquiries only, please.

Booking & Availability


I'm a U.S. citizen and legal resident of Austria with unrestricted employment authorization. I'm available for on-location projects within the EU and the US.

Photography & Videography Studio Sessions

I can accommodate most small- to mid-sized portrait, product and creative projects in my photography studio. All studio sessions are closed — only Talent and essential members of the Talent team are permitted to be on set during production. Please leave your friends, partners, children and pets at home.


I require a minimum 24-hour written cancellation notice. Failure to show up for a scheduled appointment or session will incur the standard hourly rate. For photography or video sessions, failure to show will incur the standard daily rate.

Contact Information

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